Tuscaloosa Computer Repair

Serving Tuscaloosa Computer users for 20 Years

Cell Phone Repair

All makes and models of Iphone and Android. many parts in stock. Fast turn around time on repairs.

Apple/PC Repair

We repair all brands of Apple and PC computers. We replace broken screens in laptops, fix broken power jacks, troubleshoot and diagnose problems and give you an upfront price on how much it will cost to fix.

Anti-Virus Program

Does your anti-virus really work? Ours does! And we guarnatee if you get a virus we will fix it under warranty for as long as you use it. prices per month or annual. Volume discounts provided to business and personal users.

Small Business

Networking, Backup Systems, Printers, Pickup and Delivery, Wireless, Servers, new computers, refurbish old computers, extend warranties, pickup and delivery service.

Medcial Offices

Extensive experience with EMR systems, HL7, virtualization, Meaningful Use, Pateint Portal, VPN, firewalls, HIPAA and security.

Sales and Service

New and used desktops and laptops. Servers, networking, wireless systems.


Many companies today struggle with security. Constantly under threat, they buy inferior products that do not work. Our security program is backed by a 100% gurantee that if you get a virus we will take it in and repair it at no cost to you.

Warranty Extensions

Many times companies will buy computers from their vendors and pay for a warranty on an old computer not knowing that they will never service them and only replace them when they die. We offer competative pricing on warranty extensions to keep your old computers running.

Remote Support

For customers who live outside of Tuscaloosa and are unable to bring in your computer, we offer remote support. We can get on your computer and troubleshoot and fix most problems.

Managed Services

Our staff has years of experience managing small networks all the way up to enterprise level networking. We can manage your computer network at a set price with a warranty against cost overruns and "nickel and dime" hourly charges.

Project Management

If you are engaging in a large project or migration our staff has years of experience dealing with vendors and software companies. We can either find you temporary help or place the correct people to manage the project. Calling us and using our experience is the first step to success.


For a fixed cost our staff can advise you on all aspects of purchasing and protecting your data. We can validate your current proposals and give you comprehensive opinion on the correct approach to many different IT scenarios.

Backup System

Many people store all of their data in one place and think it will be safe. Without proper protection you are doomed to data loss. Your data needs to be easily retrievable and also portable so it can be used on another systems


Desktop scanners are not enough any longer. many products claim to work but in fact do not. People buying other software programs often come in with a virus. Choosing the correct configuration is the key and having someone tell you what works is best.


By far the single most important thing in protecting your data and the least used at the same time. This keeps prying eyes from seeing your personal data and using it for financial gain.

The rule of TWO

All of your data needs to be in TWO places! This includes everything. If you are heavy into your computer use then you should also consider having more than one computer. Because it takes time to repair systems.


The best idea is to have your passwords all be unique. Programs like roboform can store all your passwords and keep them in one place so you don't have to remember them. Using the same password for everything is a great way to get hacked. Keep your work and personal passwords separate.

Work v. Home

When you are at work do not troll dating sites, post pictures, make controversial comments or do anything that might get you fired! All personal things should be done from home but remember this is a social world and what you say in private can come back to haunt you.